1973GHMC was established, actual capital US$ 50,000 / 30 employees.
1974Increasing capital to US$150,000 / 50 employees.
1978Increasing capital to US$250,000 / 70 employees.
1981Increasing capital to US$375,000 / 95 employees.Being included in the 92 leading machinery manufacturers listing by the government.Technical cooperation with Messrs. UNITIKA, Japan in water pollution treatment equipment.
1982Technical cooperation with Messrs. GFK, W. Germany in PE inflation machine.
1984Expanding plant to 5,500ąT.
1985Increasing capital to US$ 750,000 / 110 employees.
1987Increasing capital to US$1,330,000 / 150 employees.
1989Expanding plant to 7,500ąT.
1990Increasing capital to US$3,230,000.
1991Increasing capital to US$24,000,000.First time within Taiwan Top 1000 manufacturer (Rank749).
1993Increasing capital to US$5,551,000.Continuous 3 years within Taiwan Top 1000 manufacturer (Rank 756) Calender line whole plants sales over 50 lines.
199424" X 72" Rubber Fiber Layer Calender Line development & manufacturing.
1995PU/PVC Coating conveyor equipment development & manufacturing.
1996PI Film equipment development & manufacturing.