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According to customer's specific request,we can offer a series of service from project proposal, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance & technician training, and help customer to get quality products within a short time.
Three kinds of our Products 1.Plastic Making Equipment
2.Rubber Making Equipment
3.Other Whole Plant Equipment
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Plastic Making Equipment

  • PVC film, Sheet,leather & Rigid Film Making Plant
  • PVC Tapaulin,Nylon Taffeta Making Plant
  • PVC Floor Covering/Tile Making Plant
  • PVC wallpaper Making Plant
  • PU / PVC Synthetic leather Making Plant
  • Plastic Extruding pipe/Sheet Making Plant
  • ABS / GPS / HIPS / EPS Raw Material Processing Plant
    4-Roll Calender 4-Roll Calender For making PVC,semi-rigid,soft film,leather calender line with auxiliary equipment
    5-Roll Calender 5-Roll Calender For making PVC rigid,semi-rigid film calender.
    Winder Winder Single,double shaft,turret automatic winder is suitable for winding plastic,rubber,paper,PI and Textile product with accumulator tension control,automatic operation.
    Auxiliary Equipment Auxiliary Equipment Fabric treating machine,Foaming oven,Embossing machine,laminating machine,Surface treating machine, Printing machine,Sueding machine,and Tumbling machine.
    Coating Machine Coating Machine PU/PVC synthetic leather making plant,PU/PVC Light belt making plant,Fabric coating machine.
    Floor Tile Floor Tile PVC Laminating tile making plant.
    Mixing Equipment Mixing Equipment PVC auto.measuring scale control system,Super mixer,lntensive mixer,Mixing roll,Crusher.
    Plastic Extruder Plastic Extruder Single / Twin screw extruder,Straining extruder with single or twin head auto screen changing device.
    Extruder Line Making Plant Extruder Line Making Plant PVC/ABS/PS/PP sheet extrusion equipment,PVC rigid sheet extrusion equipment,PVC pellet extrusion equipment/PVC rigid pipe extrusion equipment.
    Explanation for each part of the PVC Making Plant & figure
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    Rubber Making Equipment

  • Rubber Tapaulin Rain Cloth Making Plant
  • Rubber Tire lnner Liner Making Plant
  • Rubber tire Fiber Layer Making Plant
  • Rubber Tire Steel Belt Making Plant
  • Rubber Tire Tread Extruder Making Plant
    Rubber Rain Cloth Making Plant Rubber Rain Cloth Making Plant Rubber rain cloth Calender making equipment,300M multi-type dry oven,pin type tender and vulacanized oven,hot water, temp. control & auxiliary equipment.
    Rubber Extruder Rubber Extruder Pin type cool feeding extruder,Single screw extruder,Screen changing device,Hot water temp. control and auxiliary equipment.
    Rubber Calender Rubber Calenderinner liner calender,Fiber layer calender,T-BOX/Y-BOX equipment.
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    Other Whole Plant Equipment

  • Leather/Clothe Static Flocking Making Plant
  • Al. window Blind Treating Plant
  • Latex/PVC Gloves Making Plant
  • Anti-Pollution Treating & Re-cycling equipment
  • Utility engineering work
    Latex Glove Machine Latex Glove Machine PVC glove making plant,latex glove making plant.
    Aluminum Blend Aluminum Blend Aluminum blend making from accumulating defecting,cleaning,coating,drying,winding,gas heating,precision coater,pre-treating equipment & auxiliary equipment.
    PI Film Coating Machine PI Film Coating Machine PI film coating machine, The machine preceed coating in clean room and dry in high temperature over.
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    PVC Making Equipment Figure
    Auto. Measuring Scale Control System
    Super Mixer
    Intensive Mixer
    Mixing Roll(A Roll)
    Mixing Roll(B Roll)
    Straining Extruder
    PVC leather Calender PVC film
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    &nbsPPVC leather
    PVC film Calender
    Laminating Frame Accumulator
    Cooling Unit Knitted & Woven Fabric Treating Machine
    Turret Type Auto. Center Winder basic fabric
    Foaming Oven PVC leather semiproduct Laminating & Embossing Machine
    Surface Treating Machine Check Surface Treating Machine
    PVC leather product
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    PVCFilm Making Process
    PVC leather Calender
    Take-off Unit,Embossing Unit
    Cooling Unit
    Single Roll Type Auto
    PVC Film semiproduct
    Rotogravure Printing Machine
    Product Check
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